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Skis to be delivered in the fall, you will receive updates on production and shipping as we get them. In the mean time, we will send you an advance copy of our new video Harvest in the coming weeks as well as a sticker pack as a show of good faith.
183cm or 177cm
Tip-Underfoot-Tail: 116-88-116
Sandwich construction, Bamboo/Poplar core.

Topsheet photos shown are computer mock-ups

WET is designed specifically for street skiing. WET features a symmetrical shape, camber underfoot, tip and tail rocker, with the softest flex on the market. Our unique flex pattern softens with rocker in the tip and tail, creating a perfect balance point for manuals, butters, and presses. The camber and stiffness underfoot will keep you stable on landings. These lightweight, playful skis will allow you to catch any transition, press and butter easier than ever before, and allow for new possibilities to ski creatively. Get Wet.